NOT just another WordPress theme, THE BEST!

what would want from a wordpress theme?

Our theme is compatible with the new wordpress 3.0 platform .

This post is mostly about what you would want, the common download-er,  the common person, because you are the most important “client”. This theme was made for you to download and to put on your blogs.

I might remind you that this is a free theme and the only thing that we ask back is a link from your website or blog to our page so that more people can downloat the theme. I think we all know how hard is to find good and free things, this is one of them, we ask you not to change in footer of the page because we need more and more links to see if we do a good work and if the results are positive we shall develop more free themes for you.\

This theme has a lot of options that other free themes do not have, I realise that for you a free theme must not be as important, but please think that this theme was made by a person that had the time and resources to make an free thing.

One of the most interesting options of this blog is that you CAN CHANGE the header to a picture and you can change the colours of the blog from blue to pink, orange, green , red and yellow.

Do not delete the links in the footer, this it the only request of webmaster!

Google is celebrating Earth Day

Google is celebrating today Earth Day. Google changed his logo with a green jungle and a blue bird
google is celebrating earth day

Published in 1970, Earth Day symbolizes the fight against pollution and climate problems. Unlike the newest and already most popular time of the Earth, Earth Day (Earth Day in English) is celebrated every year on April 22 and does not imply a symbolic action such as turning of the light.

However, Earth Day has had an important role in the dissemination of the Earth’s climate problems. She gave birth to an organization (Organization Earth Day) with branches in over 170 countries and excellence in human awareness on environmental issues, pollution effects, etc..

So let’s celebrate all of us the earth day, and today let’s protect the planet and make it more cleaner.

Google PageRank Update

Yesterday 2/04/2010 google has updated the page rank for all pages. We are happy that we get PR4 . This demonstrate the high quality links that we have and the quality content. We are waiting for next google pr, and we hope that will be pr7 :)

Important Theme Updates

Hello everyone. I have good news.
Theme version 1.5 is now released. I have fixed a little navigation menu bug. The navigation line was a little bit up when mouse over the menu in Internet Explorer. Now is working great on all browsers. I have added scheme colors. Now you can chose whatever color you want for you blog only with a click. Access the Belle Options menu from admin and edit everything there.
I have added social media links options. Now if you have a twitter or facebook account you can share it on your blog. You don’t need to code for this, just access option menu and edit the links. Easy :)
Another great feature is that you can disable blog name and tag line. If you are using an header image you can disable them for a better look.

I have localized the theme. I am asking everyone who knows to translate the theme to contact me. In this way you can use this theme in your language.

Wish you a happy using :)

Theme Copyrights

As WordPress is an open source platform , Belle theme is also free under GPL license.

I saw on different pages, some guys get my theme, modify it and posted as their own theme. I agree with this, since is open source you can edit it and use it however you want. But i want you to leave the footer intact, since is my creation and my work. I hope everyone will appreciate my work and stop stealing.