NOT just another WordPress theme, THE BEST!


Download Belle 1.7


  • make sure you have latest WordPress version
  • download the latest theme version from here
  • upload the unziped archive to wp-content/themes on your server
  • login to administration panel and activate theme from Presentation
  • Change Header from Custom Header (optional)
  • Change Theme color and Settings from Belle Option Menu(optional)

Bugs report

Just post theme here as a comment. I will read them an resolve asap.

10 Comments to “Download”

  1. Moshahid says:

    Want to Download

  2. Ama says:

    That’s great!
    May i suggest that if i’d like to have another page as Index(Achives)including list of all posts.

    Thanks for your helpful support!

  3. Gil says:

    Beautiful theme, but…

    When I click on an article (or on a page), it appears. And a few seconds later, I’m automatically back to the front page !

    Also, the search box is not appearing…


  4. admin says:

    What explorer did you use? I didn’t get this error till now. Search box will apear when you drag the search widget to the sidebar.

  5. ShueQry says:

    Thanks a lot. I installed this theme on my blog in Malay language. Thank you for creating sucah a beautiful theme. Glad I’ve found it.

    Thank You…

  6. Javier says:

    how to change the text in the search “Type and wait for the search”

    Thanks in advance

    Great Theme by the way :)

  7. admin says:

    look in wp-content/themes/belle/footer.php
    look at this line
    Belle.LiveSearch = new LiveSearch( “Type and wait for search” ) and change the text from “”

  8. Javier says:

    Thanks a lot excellent theme!

  9. Nicolas says:

    Can I make header’s height = 70px? I don’t want to use pic in header, so only slim line with blog title and description. Thank you!

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